Tuesday, 31 May 2011

I feel good...so good

Yahoooo, I am back. I had a brilliant weekend at Nottingham Champ Show. It was hard, as the 3 heights of champ were in split over two rings, and along with cruft singles in another separate ring -which I blew. (Mind you Nottingham DTC are really good and put all these rings together). Then I made a mental note to self "stop worrying about it - the juggling of key runs is a skill I need to learn."

Rivi worked super,  however we went off course - my fault. But the Rivi is really liking these rubber contacts, she looked so more confident and sure 'pawed' and we worked so well together. And we also faced our Nemesis with a team run and we ran clear - so needed that after the big 'e' at Crufts.

Then Zev what a little star, with myself sorted out, he was on top form speed wise and I luv it when he is like this - on the edge of the seat ride around an agility course. We went into the final 5th from pole position, which was a great result. Unfortunately due to how they place - we got no rosettes :-(  How I wish they would do finalist rosettes or even a card like Rugby DTC used to do, it would just be nice to have a memento of such a fab day and doing so well.

And for me I just could not stop smiling, for the first time I felt like I belong in Champ or Grade 7 classes. Plus I was enjoying my agility and that is really important to me as it was a shock at the last couple of shows not to be in that mind frame.
With the confidence issue I had always had a conflict about positive mantras and affirmations, despite my understanding of psychology and applied behaviour. By sheer chance I was reading Glamour - Fashion Magazine  June 2011 Edition (which is great for fashion and other girly stuff) and there was an article called 'YOU can do anything' Which was a frickin' brilliant read and the tip 4 'Don't Fake It' was just what I needed to read. It says in the article for some people the affirmation/mantra approach can have the opposite effect of its intention.  All the sport psychology that pushes this affirmation/mantra approach , can actually creates more self doubt in some individuals. 
Since I read this article at breakfast on Saturday morning it stayed with me and it was just what I needed. That was £2.00 very well spent. Thank you Glamour
Summing up: I was just feeling so good and proud of me and my guys - yahooo indeedy :-)

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