Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Ready for.....another Nuts

Yep it that all important decision time, to think of getting a puppy in 2012.
Sometimes with great bonds I think perhaps you only come across it once or twice in a life time, like a great love . I have already been blessed - with my guys can it happen again?

So the hunt is on for a puppy to join me and my guys next year.  Rivi will be five and by the time you factor in 3 years before edging to the top level if it all goes well the next puppy would not be in enroarching on Rivi in agility terms until Rivi is eight, which should be a nice progression. Worked out with the extensive gap I had before Nuts retired in 2007 and now in late 2010 finally back in Grade 7 but first full season 2011- that is a long time out at that level. But will have to focus on less is more - rather like training - quality not quantity ;-) that is to be the focus. No more worrying about lack of experience and time out. I am so over it :-) da da a light bulb moment, whilst writing my blog!!!!

This puppy plan will probably be totally mad really with work, studying and the guys and general day to day stuff. But if you wanna do it you just gotta otherwise your life is forever on hold and its to short for that. As a friend said "if you wanna make it work, then you will".


  1. WOW! That is exciting! I bet you can't wait!

  2. Congratulations on upcoming new member of the family! Hopefully you will post about your search on the blog.