Sunday, 9 October 2011

Chippenham - the 2011 Agility Season finishes

DAMM, what a good way to finish the agility season. Final ticket show of the year and I had the good fortune with Zev to be awarded the Reserve Challenge Certificate. Sure I am totally human and would have preferred to have won it, but being corny but true I am just so chuffed to have the opportunity to share my life with such a fabulous sheltie. Sure at times I am a wee bit frazzled as previously mentioned he sure does know how to press my buttons. Which is a great thing or life would be a trifle dull ;-) So this year two RCCs and also I need to sort out claiming our Agility Warrant Gold, as Zev he achieved enough points at the beginning on the season.

This is the video of the final round:

I want to fine tune his contacts - this season with lurching from wood to rubber surfaces has been at times 'hair raising' and disconcerting. Whilst I like the rubber - I do feel it would have been safer and better for the dogs if it had been a overnight change to one type of surface. Hopefully next year all the agility shows will do rubber contacts.

I really don't think there should be another year of 'mix and match' it is a risky situation especially when its wet weather. How the heck to you tell your dog that is going like crazy, "watch out the contacts are wood this time!" On the plus side its been good as it made me convert Zev to full running contacts. It is such a buzz not to think about having to stop and go, it is just so exhilarating.

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