Thursday, 20 October 2011

Running Contacts with Rivi - getting started

Well, it was hard to be good at Chippenham, Rivi worked beautifully in the champ jumping. Oh the temptation to run her in the champ agility - but I was strong (methinks like being on a diet!) and did not subcumb.... I know it is really important that I remain focus on my goal to retrain - it is really critical if we are going to be even more competitive next year...

The outline retraining stages so far are:-
1] introduce to MM
2] run to MM running over a bit of carpet
3] to running the carpet to MM with me in differing positions
4] to angles on to the carpet and maintain criteria on carpet

And that is where the complexity creeps in there is the speed, the judgement, can you say well that one was a bit high or the paw pattern not quite right, can you try again please. Can I try and train the dog, watch the dog, run at the same time, click and reward spot on and not be in a tiz? ha ha could make you dizzy just thinking about it.

Once over her shock of meeting the MM - Rivi has 'cottoned' on to the fact it involves running and she loves to run. She is really enjoying the training, and that is always my overall goal. I signed up with a Daisy Peel - classroom and that is quite a nerve racking thing to do i.e costs/group mix/trainer approach. A bit of a leap of faith - but I like what I have seen on her blog etc.,. and took the plunge. So far it is really good, following the steps that I expected and can work with.
- Plus there is the sharing of the learning curve which is really cool even in a virtual world.
- Plus it made me buy a MM and it is a brilliant tool which had been on my to buy list since Zev was a puppy! I wish I had got it sooner now I just need two of them ;-)
- Plus Zev has just as much fun joining in although he already does running contacts

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