Thursday, 31 December 2009

What the heck! Lets Embrace 2010

2009, a s--t time for many in terms of the recession. Well hope springs eternally and optimistically. That has to be one of the most endearing traits of humans to hope and try and improve things for tomorrow.
The web world of bloging etc never ceases to astound me how distance is minimised and you’re connected to others, through shared passions, and the assumption of trust. Methinks quite dog like the trust, that goes with the bloging world :-) I was intrigued to have a happy holidays greeting on my blog, and clicked on the link and it took me to a blog Lifewithdogs  that is far-out, humorous and with a passion for helping dogs. People all over try to help those less fourtunate, and I am awed and humbled by their efforts.

One of my special memories for 2009, I helped some people with their dog, they had paid £100.00 to a ‘behaviourist’ to help them and for that the outcome was a very confused, nervous dog and a very concerned owner. I don’t train dogs for payment at the moment, but every so often someone says help and I do, take on a case where previous efforts have not worked for whatever reason. For the sheer heck of it and interest, I say ‘I’ll meet up’ and Marc comes and assists. The outcome was ‘well cool’ a happy owner and happy dog. My approach would not and does not suit everyone, but sometimes I meet someone and what I do just clicks for them and it is great outcome.

We have always had two re-homes in our pack, however with Raz’s deteriorating sight, we are trying to hold off taking in another as he has become ‘Calamity’ Raz. In December needing a haematoma drained x2, and in the end operated on, all this caused by him banging his head. OUCH! I think we spent a fair bit of time down the Vets this December. Fortunately he is better, the stitches out, the wound nicely healed and he retains his irrepressible spirit that made him crazy gorgeous Raz.

So what the heck, lets embrace 2010, and keep hope and optimism fuelled by doing a good deed.

Happy New Year

P.S The photo shows Mr Big found some treasure on his Christmas Day walk! Hmmm…I’m sure a cat or fox had a great Christmas eve meal.
P.P.S I really must work out the difference between following and listing a blog, I remain confused.
P.P.P.S Watched Bolt over the Christmas season, a Walt Disney gem for sure, it is laugh out loud funny and endearing. The side character Rhino is hysterical, well was to me - the perfect complement to Bolt and Mittens. I’m sure Marc cracked a smile or two :-)


  1. Happy New Year to you and yours

    Lorna xx

    ps I started a new Blog:-

  2. Oh cool, will get that set up. Happy New Year x