Thursday, 17 June 2010

Humbled and sad....and proud

In Life there are always moments that humble me, more often at times I least expect and I am humbled by the capacity of how thoughtful people can be. Last night I saw Gem, no 'D', had not seen her for around 3 weeks, and I knew something was up. The seriousness of the 'something up' took my breath away, her beautiful big man, 'D' was no longer with us a victim of gastric torsion. We hugged, Rivi hugged, we hugged the sadness and the tears. And the shock that Diesel, coming up to 4 years old will no longer be bounding around. So why am I humbled? Coz in the shock of the loss Gem still managed to give me a card and a present so say thank you for helping with their training, support and friendship. That is why I am so touched and at the same time so sad for Gem and 'D'. In reply I can say I am have met them and been around at the start of their taste for agility. Hopefully, one day Gem will come back to agility as her interest and efforts in learning to be a compassionate, thoughtful, understanding agility partner and most of all enjoying the sport with her dog, was impressive.

It seems far too many have loved and lost far to soon, and know heartache when it should have been the most distance glimmer in a future not yet due to arrive :-(

The Video is of Rivi with one of her recent wins at the weekend just gone.  The guys all did great, and it was a great weekend, but really wanted this posting to be a tribute to Gem and 'D'


  1. So sorry for your friend I know the pain of loosing a dog too young :(
    Rivi is looking FAB xx