Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Oh poor Pawsoli.....

There was me excited and looking foraward to the tryouts and bummer whilst taking the guys for their walk this morning my Babyoli somehow managed to slice her main right front pad so badly it needs stitches and for her to have the stitiches she needed to be sedated. So she will be out of action for 3 to 4 weeks. I am peeved and relieved. So totally peeved Rivi is hurt, peeved as Rivi is such an active dog and it will tough for the next few weeks for her not really getting why no walkies, no games etc.,. selfishly I am peeved there will be no tryouts and agility as I love running with her. the same token relieved in the great scheme of things it just a cut paw (well not just a cut it is a serious cut) and hopefully will heal in no time at all, as the stitches will be out in 12-14 days. poor Babyoli.

The photo is when I met Rivi for the first time. Not the bestest photo, but makes me chuckle that she gave me a good inspection and then sort of said 'ohh she'll do'.


  1. What a blow. Poor Rivi. But as you say, in the scheme of things, it's only a poorly paw. Hope she is better soon x

  2. Bless her hope it's not too painful and mends soon x