Monday, 28 June 2010

The Tryouts and null points...

Saturday only running Zev was odd, and we only had one clear. The other run he was going clear but  the release on the dog walk was not optimum so I asked the judge if we could do it again. And the judge kindly agreed. What a nice understanding judge :-) I keep throwing runs when I should be collecting points!

Then the tryouts loomed, what can I say, me and Zev had some uncharacteristic blips, which no matter as I was only taking him for the experience of trying out. Zev was so good with all the hanging around and me having butterflies of excitement. I was so proud of him. He is just such a nice dog to have at your side.

For the first time ever, I have gone to the tryouts and achieved no points. Blinking heck...but hey the next time we go the only way is up as you cannot achieve minus points!!!! It was like being in the Eurovision song contest.  I think this was disappointing in terms of that but in terms of running Zev I had a lovely time and he is such a babe, and his stamina was awesome. Whilst I was very careful due to the heat and other factors when we returned to our camp, he was like "yeah, time to have a riot" and I had to say "hey Zev your human is wilting",

The bonus was watching some great teams, including Zev's momma Zen and Bernadette qualifying again. Way cool :-) and congratulations to all that qualified.

P.s Mr Big had some great runs at the show and next week has his first grade 6 show and Zev has his first champ class. And hopefully, Rivi will only be out of action for another two weeks as she is BORED...but being a real darling and has not even taken the bandage off, which considering her one of her nicknames is 'princess pea' this is a relief.

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Oh poor Pawsoli.....

There was me excited and looking foraward to the tryouts and bummer whilst taking the guys for their walk this morning my Babyoli somehow managed to slice her main right front pad so badly it needs stitches and for her to have the stitiches she needed to be sedated. So she will be out of action for 3 to 4 weeks. I am peeved and relieved. So totally peeved Rivi is hurt, peeved as Rivi is such an active dog and it will tough for the next few weeks for her not really getting why no walkies, no games etc.,. selfishly I am peeved there will be no tryouts and agility as I love running with her. the same token relieved in the great scheme of things it just a cut paw (well not just a cut it is a serious cut) and hopefully will heal in no time at all, as the stitches will be out in 12-14 days. poor Babyoli.

The photo is when I met Rivi for the first time. Not the bestest photo, but makes me chuckle that she gave me a good inspection and then sort of said 'ohh she'll do'.

Monday, 21 June 2010

Newton venue

Well it was a  new venue for the show and it was stunning. With agility we are so lucky that some of the venues allow us to see some really beautiful areas of the UK. The new Newton Heath show ground was one such venue Arley Hall & Gardens. We could let the guys off and have a lovely walk with them as there was so much space and the scenery was just fabulous and being able to do agility too! :-) We hope to go back someday, and spend more time there.

We all did good and had some good runs and wins. Next weekend will be a bit mad, I decided to enter the tryouts for the FCI team, however with the deciding factor that I want the experience of trying out again. This is my first year back as a grade 6/7 handler and need to refresh skills and revisit some situations to confirm whether my aspirations for Rivi and Zev would be the same as they were with Nuts. I used to luv doing the tryouts with Nuts. Will Rivi and Zev enjoy the event too, I will be finding out?  I looking forward to seeing some great handling from other teams and giving my guys and myself a great experience with out the self inflicted pressure of I must do it this year. This year is all about the foundation for our future at this level. Weeeeheeee, I am excited already :-)

p.s hope that Marc will enter Mister Bigs next year if all goes well.

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Humbled and sad....and proud

In Life there are always moments that humble me, more often at times I least expect and I am humbled by the capacity of how thoughtful people can be. Last night I saw Gem, no 'D', had not seen her for around 3 weeks, and I knew something was up. The seriousness of the 'something up' took my breath away, her beautiful big man, 'D' was no longer with us a victim of gastric torsion. We hugged, Rivi hugged, we hugged the sadness and the tears. And the shock that Diesel, coming up to 4 years old will no longer be bounding around. So why am I humbled? Coz in the shock of the loss Gem still managed to give me a card and a present so say thank you for helping with their training, support and friendship. That is why I am so touched and at the same time so sad for Gem and 'D'. In reply I can say I am have met them and been around at the start of their taste for agility. Hopefully, one day Gem will come back to agility as her interest and efforts in learning to be a compassionate, thoughtful, understanding agility partner and most of all enjoying the sport with her dog, was impressive.

It seems far too many have loved and lost far to soon, and know heartache when it should have been the most distance glimmer in a future not yet due to arrive :-(

The Video is of Rivi with one of her recent wins at the weekend just gone.  The guys all did great, and it was a great weekend, but really wanted this posting to be a tribute to Gem and 'D'

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Hinckley...summer seems to be coming

This was a good weekend, Hinckley run a great show. The Zev video is of a course we just enjoyed it was a very fast course and a great finish to the weekend and we even managed to come 5th and I was well chuffed.

Rivi and me - we gained some placements as they were clean rounds and most importantly we worked together. I feel that my work to get us back on track is starting to come together and my timing is improving. Probably helps that I am getting back into gym - my fitness level really impacts on my handling.

The Bigs was great and he is gaining the all important experience that will give him more confidence and in turn more speed.  A friend kindly took a picture of him in action for us at a show we went to the other week..

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Nottingham...News...Read all about it...

What a weekend after a few weekends at home it was good to be back doing a agility. It is additive for sure. 
The Front Page News: My beautiful Zev, went grade 7, so we can now do champ classes. Weeeheee, I was so proud of my little man, my stomach must have had a 'million butterflys' dancing in it. I find it incredible that in three shows we have achieved the necessary wins to progress. And he is going up another gear, on two of our runs I was really out of puff. I know that being grade 7 will be hard and that we are going to have to polish our selves so that we are no longer a rough diamond team, but a brilliantly cut diamond team. It is going to be a heck of a ride and I am so looking forward to us getting some experience at this level in preparation for next year's agility season.

News Flash: For Mister Big it was his first grade 5 show and he won into grade 6.  He is the Big Man for sure.

The Back Page News: Rivi and me, still have not yet refound our harmony on course yet. Some bits we did were great and I was like 'heck, we are getting somewhere' then another we were so appalling together I wondered 'heck, what do I do?' What did I do? Carried on so that I could get something positive to reward her for and it worked we managed to string two obstacles together. At the end of the day, learning to work through the 'down turns' is what makes the 'up turns' so magical, so Rivi and I continued to do the classes we had entered of which one included the qualifier for the DFS Crufts Team Relay. And we qualified, so Rivi and Me with our team mates are off to DFS Crufts next year. Thank gosh that was one of our clean runs!!!!

The Small Print: Dixie had a fab time, as her sister came to visit and they had a great reunion, merrily playing tag around the caravan.